We bring the fresh world together

We bring the fresh world together

All products available year-round

Because we strive towards offering products on a year-round basis, we have a wide-ranging import schedule. We receive daily supply of fresh produce via all imaginable modes of transport. Exotic produce and tree-ripe products are flown in so that we can guarantee freshness and taste.


We maintain close contact with our suppliers. We know how they operate, how they handle the cultivation process and what the weather conditions and growth prospects are. This allows us to plan our sales in good time. We then make sure that the right products are delivered to the right customers. Part of a harvest might be sold through a chain, while another part might be destined for catering use. Our suppliers are always assured that their products reach their final destination. Because we put together supply schedules for our customers, we know exactly where products must go. In this way, we improve the continuity of our suppliers, of our customers and our own continuity.

Mixed loads and itineraries

Supermarkets, wholesalers, catering companies, cruise companies and hotel chains all benefit from a reliable partner that can supply them quickly and with flexibility. We specialise in mixed loads that can vary from 1 to 150 different products per vehicle. Because we have access to fixed suppliers and powerful brands, we are able to give every product its own itinerary.

Small-scale packaging

To us, the conversion of bulk packaging into consumer packaging is of the order of the day. We can supply produce in any form of packaging and will gladly come up with ideas if you have any packaging questions. Also consider, for instance, the addition of product applications for consumers, such as including recipe leaflets with our exotic produce.

Hint: You’ll find exotic fruit recipes on our website www.exotenrecepten.nl

Products from Europe

» Kiwifruit
» Apples
» Potatoes
» Oranges
» Capsicum
» Tomatoes

Products from Asia

» Ginger
» Garlic
» Starfruit
» Dragonfruit
» Pomelo

Products from Africa

» Grapes
» Avocadoes
» Baby pineapples
» Baby vegetables
» Grapefruit

Products from Oceania

» Blueberries
» Cherries
» Mangoes

Products from South America

» Mangoes
» Papayas
» Grapes
» Peaches
» Limes
» Asparagus
» Kiwifruit
» Pears

Products from North America

» Apples
» Pears
» Cherries
» Mandarins

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