We bring the fresh world together

We bring the fresh world together

The Roveg mission

Our objective is to be the gateway to the market for producers and to guide consumers through our product range. We aim to do this by being a partner that adds value and knowledge to organisations that operate in the fruit and vegetable marketing field. We will base this on encouraging the transfer of knowledge related to production, products and consumption. By bundling products into a single brand, the range offered by growers is collectively reinforced. Our goal is to be a leader in the marketing of exotic produce.

Fresh food

Regardless of whether we’re talking about the crispest lettuce from the Netherlands, the juiciest mangoes from Brazil or amazing exotic produce from Asia, as a global importer and exporter of fruit, vegetables and exotic produce, we know exactly where the best products in the world are being grown. Whether you’re a retailer, caterer or hotel (chain) owner, discover the quality and reliability of Roveg. We can address you in 16 languages.

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